About the blog

Welcome to KIND! No matter who you are, what you believe in, where you live, who you love, or what you do… Kindness is universally expressed and received.

Kindness makes a bad day good and a good day better. Sometimes it is as simple as smiling when you make eye contact with a stranger or as┬ácomplex as helping to rebuild homes after a natural disaster. Basically, if your actions fall somewhere on the kindness scale, you’re doing it right.

This blog is full of ideas, challenges, projects, and resources to help us all be intentional about daily kindness.

If you have any questions, requests, or information on a cause that needs attention/donations, or an event that needs volunteers… please feel free to contact me here on the blog, by email at kindnessisneededdaily@gmail.com, or on any of the social media platforms below!

thank you so much!

“Be kind to one another.” -Ellen DeGeneres